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Schoolroom and the Richard Kay Charity

Our village hall (officially known as the Old Schoolroom) was bequeathed to 'The people of the parish of Moor Monkton' in the first half of the last century.

For many years it saw valuable service and a dedicated team laboured to maintain the hall in a useable condition. In the 1990's however the building gradually became less inviting as damp, cold and subsidence took their toll on the old building.

In 1997 The Millennium Committee was formed with the express intention of doing something substantial for the village in the year 2000. The need for a modern village hall was identified and after looking at various options, it was decided by a vote of parishioners to re-furbish the Old Schoolroom.

In 1999 the village was awarded a Lottery grant to redevelop it’s village hall. The refurbishment work was completed in December of the same year.

The new hall is light, airy, dry and above all warm. It is well equipped with a fully fitted kitchen, indoor sports equipment and a second floor meeting room.

The Schoolroom Committee under the auspices of The Richard Kay Charity organises regular fund raising events to help maintain the building.

Schoolroom Events 2017.

Friday 12 May 2017 - Film Night with wine and popcorn/crisps
Saturday 15 July 2017 – Sports Day and BBQ
Saturday 21 October 2017 – Divali Night
Friday 8 December 2017 – Christmas Social