The Queen's Platinum Jubilee - A Thank you to all who came to the event and those who made it happen.

November Pop Up Pub - Pie-n-peas quiz.


Apple Juicing 2021

Why not turn all those apples growing in your garden into delicious, healthy juice and have a fun day out into the bargain?

Now an annual community event, why not come and see the Moor Monkton’s own apple crusher and press in action and learn how this simple and ancient process works. All ages welcome.

Any apples will do although a mix of cooking and dessert makes the best juice. If that’s a problem, come along anyway and trade what you have.

Need a new wardrobe for Christmas?

Ceilidh anyone ?

5/7/19 - Update.

Hi. We have music, food, drink, lights, generators, even toilets and circa 70 confirmed 'dancers'. Don't miss out. e-mail or call the booking line on 07834 226862 to order your tickets now.

Plant Sale and Coffee morning

Exciting Ferryboat News...

We’re delighted to announce that from the start of this season, the Nun Monkton Ferryboat will be landing on the Moor Monkton side of the Ouse. Yay!
The ferryboat runs April - October weekends and bank holidays from 11am–4pm (weather permitting).
It’s a not-for-profit venture aimed at connecting local communities which are very close (as the crow flies), but due to the river between, are more of a drive. The trip over to Beningbrough takes less than 2 minutes!


Village Green Tidy

The Moor Monkton Village Association has noticed that the area around the Millennium Tree (at the junction of Main Street and East Lane adjacent to the cattle-grid) is looking a little unkempt.
Consequently we have set a date to do a little clearing and tidying and are looking for volunteers to lend a hand.
Anyone willing to help should meet at the tree from 10:30 onwards

Too many apples?

Carniverous Plants Talk


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