Plant Sale and Coffee morning

Exciting Ferryboat News...

We’re delighted to announce that from the start of this season, the Nun Monkton Ferryboat will be landing on the Moor Monkton side of the Ouse. Yay!
The ferryboat runs April - October weekends and bank holidays from 11am–4pm (weather permitting).
It’s a not-for-profit venture aimed at connecting local communities which are very close (as the crow flies), but due to the river between, are more of a drive. The trip over to Beningbrough takes less than 2 minutes!


Village Green Tidy

The Moor Monkton Village Association has noticed that the area around the Millennium Tree (at the junction of Main Street and East Lane adjacent to the cattle-grid) is looking a little unkempt.
Consequently we have set a date to do a little clearing and tidying and are looking for volunteers to lend a hand.
Anyone willing to help should meet at the tree from 10:30 onwards

Too many apples?

Moor Monkton Village Association AGM

Come along and find out what is going on.

Carniverous Plants Talk

Christmas Social


Work In Progress

It seems to be coming along and since this photo was taken the glass has been installed.

Quick question. How many panes (should that be pains) of glass are there in a classic phone box?

Ask Steve he knows the answer.


Easter Supper

Moor Monkton Marchers

Our inaugural walk took place on 16th January 2017, where we enjoyed a pleasant (7 km) walk around the nature reserve at Stavely followed by (a long and for some dry) lunch at the General Tarleton pub just down the road at Ferrensby.

The plan is to walk on the second Sunday of each month. See the Clubs page for more details and prospective dates.


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